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Welcome to You…

…and welcome to our new pastor!

Meet Adam!  Adam and Iuliana were able to move to Leeds during lockdown and we are delighted to introduce them to you.

After doing a BA in Applied Theology and serving as a Youth Pastor, Adam worked as Assistant Pastor in Letchworth.  As Pastor of REC Adam will be doing much of the preaching, and pastoral work.  He is keen to meet new people and discuss the Christian faith.

Adam plays table tennis and supports Wycombe Wanderers FC.  He enjoys travel, different cultures, and meeting people for coffee.

To get to know him better we asked him a a few tricky questions…

…and whether the Bible has anything to say about COVID-19?


In line with the current guidance regarding Coronavirus we are not meeting together physically for the time being.  However, like many others we have learnt to zoom and continue to enjoy friendship, sharing truths from the bible, praying, singing (yes!) …and laughing together.

We have tried, through our website, to convey something of what we are currently doing to continue enjoying being ‘church family’.  If you think you could benefit from any aspect of our current ministries, or simply wish to ask for our help, please do not hesitate to contact us: for Adam, our new pastor. for Gordon, our other Elder. for general enquiries.


Here’s a taste of what we are getting up to at the moment…

30 Sep 2020

A bible thought, prayer and fellowship, such an enjoyable way to spend a Wednesday evening.  Do join us if you

04 Oct 2020

Clare will excite us with her funspot then Adam will begin a new series on

04 Oct 2020

Our series in John’s gospel continues, a song, and a prayer, followed by breakout groups to give the opportunity to chat….an enjoyable

09 Oct 2020

We’re back but different…yet still….fun, food and and friendship for teens, with the opportunity to explore the christian

Roundhay Parochial Hall, Fitzroy Drive,LS8 4AB,
10 Oct 2020

For all primary school aged children, crafts, bible story, singing, quizzes, games, food, friendship…come and join the

Roundhay Parochial Hall, Fitzroy Drive,LS8 4AB,
19 Oct 2020

‘The Salt Path’ by Raynor Winn…a fascinating read…producing stimulating discussion… assisted by scrumptious

24 Oct 2020

Borrowing the snooker facilities upstairs in the Parochial Hall, our men are anticipating a fun time together, all socially distanced (of

Roundhay Parochial Hall, Fitzroy Drive,LS8 4AB,
19 Nov 2020

A chance for the men to get together, currently by zoom, to encourage each other in their

Please note, not all of the content of this website is up-to-date as we wanted to leave information visible that would give you a flavour of what we have done, and therefore are likely to do, once ‘normal’ life can be resumed.