Roundhay Evangelical Church

Sharing the love of Jesus


Welcome… and Happy New Year


Let us thank God for all he has done in 2020, keeping us, blessing us, using us, and uplifting the Saviour!

May 2021 be another year in which we can testify that ‘God is indeed GOOD’


We have tried, through our website, to convey something of what we are currently doing to continue enjoying being ‘church family’.  If you think you could benefit from any aspect of our current ministries, or simply wish to ask for our help, please do not hesitate to contact us: for Adam, our new pastor. for Gordon, our other Elder. for general enquiries.


Here’s a taste of what we are getting up to at the moment…

21 Jan 2021

An evening of fun and friendship for all our ladies to enjoy….do join us on zoom and bring your cake and cuppa to the

22 Jan 2021

Lovely time of fellowship as we study the bible, share and pray together…and currently we taking a look at the

24 Jan 2021

Clare will excite us with her funspot then Adam will continue his series ‘The Lord’s Prayer’…and our talks can be found

24 Jan 2021

Gordon continues the series on Numbers and our sermons can be found online! Followed by breakout rooms for a chance to

25 Jan 2021

Meets to study the bible, pray and enjoy each other’s company….currently by

27 Jan 2021

Two groups meet on a Wednesday to study the bible, pray and enjoy each other’s company….currently both by

28 Jan 2021

A chance for the men to get together, currently by zoom, to encourage each other in their faith…do join us if you are able

03 Feb 2021

The first wednesday of the month we are all encouraged to join together for prayer…currently by zoom…do join us if you

Please note, not all of the content of this website is up-to-date as we wanted to leave information visible that would give you a flavour of what we have done, and therefore are likely to do, once ‘normal’ life can be resumed.