Oakwood Toddler Group

Starts on Wednesday September 15th


Roundhay Parochial Hall

…and every Wednesday during term time


What are we?

A community toddler group serving the local area.  We aim to support parents and carers, and provide a variety of play experiences for their children.

Who is it for?

All babies and toddlers with their parents and carers.  Relax and enjoy!


Suggested donation: £2 per family

How do I get more information?

We care:

We want every child at this Toddler Group to really enjoy the morning, and benefit from a safe, accepting, and happy environment. To this end we have adopted the following policies from the Early Years Alliance.  Please read and note!

All constructive comments are welcome!  Let us know if anything would improve your child’s experience at Oakwood Toddler Group.  Thank you!