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Students and church!

Students are beneficial to the life of any church…they are young, enthusiastic, energetic, full of ideas, bundles of fun…need we say more…churches love students!!


Why REC?…because you will… 

…enjoy church life

  • A warm welcome from our all age church family, where you will be known by name.
  • Cake…and Sunday lunch…or whatever food is appropriate for the occasion!
  • Being on the doorstep of one of the biggest parks in the UK, and the best!

…grow spiritually

  • Feeding regularly on Bible exposition applied to today’s world.
  • Share worship and prayer with people at various stages of the Christian life.

…make a difference

  • Opportunities to serve in various ministry areas.
  • Share in outreach to the local community
  • Gain experience at appropriate levels of service.

We would be very happy to welcome you into our church family and be delighted to support and encourage you throughout your time in Leeds.

Contact details for Adam, our pastor: