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The Need

Music plays an important part in church life – it is a blessing to the soul, a means of praise to our Almighty God, and a joy to sing together. We are prayerfully wanting to develop this aspect of our church life – and need help!

Sadly, due to Covid rules, singing together is one of the things we’ve really missed over the last year. For the most part we have held our services over zoom and used YouTube songs as part of our worship. As we look forward to being able to sing praises to our God and King together once more we are looking to grow the music ministry of our church. Prior to Covid our music ministry was heavily reliant on one pianist and we really need a second pianist/keyboard player, together with people who could help form a music group. You could help by strengthening this area of REC for the future, being a blessing to all of us, and bringing glory to our God, as an important part of the ministry in REC.

While many people choose to get involved in larger churches and are blessed there, others choose to commit to a smaller local church to help the church grow and they too are also greatly blessed. Could you prayerfully consider supporting a growing and active church in North Leeds?

Who are we looking for? – volunteers!

  • Committed Christians who love the Lord Jesus and his word.
  • Those of godly character who care more about worship from the heart than ‘show’.
  • Those who play a musical instrument/sing confidently enough in front of a group and as part of a collective music group. You do not have to be a pro but do need to be able to play a tune, keep rhythm and be a team player!
  • Those looking to commit to serving as part of REC in the music ministry for at least a year.
  • People who are willing to be involved in the wider activities and life of the church, not just the music.

Specifically, someone who is:

  • a lead keyboard/pianist/guitarist able to play Sunday morning and/or evening.
  • able to encourage and help integrate other musicians into our music ministry.
    able to rehearse, train and develop these musicians.
  • We also need others who can play a supporting instrument and/or sing.

We also need others who can play a supporting instrument and/or sing.

Your situation could be one of the following examples:

  • I’ve just moved to Leeds and am looking for a local Bible teaching church to serve in.
  • I’m a Leeds University/College student and haven’t yet found a church.
  • I’ve recently retired and moved to the area and want to use my musical gifts.
  • I’m a Christian involved in music and would love to support a smaller evangelical church.

What would you gain?

  • You would make a significant difference to God’s work in this area.
  • You would be part of a friendly church family.
  • You would have opportunities to gain experience in other forms of service, as appropriate.
  • You would see how a small local church works, grows and reaches out to the community.

Who are we?

We are a warm and welcoming gospel church, part of the FIEC, and you can find out more about who we are as a church here. We view the teaching of God’s word as central and recognise the role good music has to support that. Musically we use a mix of older hymns and modern songs. Recent modern examples include songs from CityAlight, Sovereign Grace, Getty’s, Emu music, Townend, Matt Papa and Redman.

If you are interested, please contact our pastor, Adam (details below) who loves music and will be supporting and helping to shape the music ministry going forward. He would be delighted to have a phone conversation or arrange to meet up for a coffee….or why not turn up one Sunday and check us out!

Contact details for Adam

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