Children & Youth

Pre-school aged

Oakwood Toddler Group, every Wednesday morning during term time, aims to support parents and carers, and provide a variety of play experiences for their children.

Crèche is held at the same time as the Sunday morning service, with a variety of activities for the young children.

Ages 5-11

Splat – our action packed monthly activity for primary school aged children – plenty of fun and food!

Explorers 1 on a Sunday morning, uses activities, quizzes, Bible stories etc as part of a Bible teaching programme. Children go to this part way through the morning service.

Contact Clare Robertson, 0113 3061071, for more details.

Ages 11+

NAA – our monthly activity for those in secondary school: food, fun, friendship, and the opportunity to explore the Christian faith – fantastic!

Explorers 2 on a Sunday morning, gives our youth the opportunity to study the bible together, normally accompanied with lots of fun and laughter….and refreshments! The youth go to this part way through the morning service.

Contact Kim Knowles, 0113 2329600, for more details.

Safeguarding our Children

We believe church is something that children and young people should look forward to and feel safe in. They are part of our church. Their learning should be Bible based, be enjoyable and should prepare them for life. They have much to give as well as to receive. We will listen to them. As we nurture them in the teaching of Christ, we will respect their wishes and feelings.

As members of this church we commit ourselves to the nurturing, protection and safekeeping of all, especially children and young people.

It is the responsibility of each one of us to prevent the physical, sexual and emotional abuse of children and young people, and to report any abuse discovered or suspected.

We are committed to supporting, resourcing and training those who work with children and to providing supervision.

Our group leaders have many years of teaching experience and all people involved in our children’s programme are subject to an appropriate Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.

Our Safeguarding Policy for Children can be read here

The person responsible for the implementation of our Safeguarding Policy is Kim Knowles.


Splat Dates - 2021/22

Saturday 11th September
Saturday 9th October
Saturday 13th November
Saturday 11th December
Saturday 8th January
Saturday 12th February
Saturday 12th March
Saturday 9th April
Saturday 14th May
Saturday 11th June
Saturday 9th July
NAA Dates

NAA Dates - 2021/22

Friday 10th September
Friday 8th October
Friday 12th November
Friday 10th December
Friday 7th January
Friday 11th February
Friday 11th March
Friday 8th April
Friday 13th May
Friday 10th June
Friday 6th July